Blog-Challenged…or The Circle of Darkness

Blogging may well be the death of me…and it could well-be an appropriate means of my demise.  We’ve all got to go sometime, right?  So why not death by blogging?  Because after all, this is killing me…

Anyway, in my continued quest to set up my blog, I’m learning that this is really a journey of self-discovery, and what I’m discovering so far is that I suck at creating one.  This is my second attempt at a blog.  My first one was supposed to be a platform for my poetry on tumblr, but one day, when I went to check it out, possibly update it, I discovered that I was blocked out of my own blog (perhaps it was a sign? A warning?  Maybe someone was telling me to stay away, stay back, and flee, flee, flee…!) and after waiting nothing short of a millenia for tumblr to “verify my email address”, it never did, and so I found myself here, on wordpress.

I have quite a few friends and acquaintances with blogs here on wordpress.  It seems like the hip place to be.  When I look at their blogs, they’re all very sleek and ultramodern, contain all kinds of nifty widgets and tags, and every one is writing about all kind of cool things in very cool ways.  Really, it’s nothing short of genius…which evidently, I am very short on.  Because when I try to get sleek and ultramodern, it appears to be disaster in the making:  lots of crazed ramblings, widgets that I can’t post, links that won’t show…and let’s not even talk about the many themes.  I think I’m on my fourth “theme” in as many days, and I’m still not sure if I like this.  Oh, to be like one of the cool kids on the block…!  It’s not hard to get sucked in, to be dazzled by the “shiny” of it all, to be seduced by the desire to have more followers and more followers and even more followers–

It really is a quiet kind of insanity. Insipid.  Treacherous.  I’m starting to realize that this blog is my evil master, tempting me with the trappings of great internet fame and accolades from the blogosphere, but I have to love it, make it pretty, make it attractive…it’s as I’m slaving over the demands of my blog here–my Bloggy Lord–that I realize one of two things:  I can either completely stress out about this blog venture…or I can not take it so seriously, and just roll it.

So here’s what I’m going to do:  I’m going to completely stress out because this blog has to be PERFECT, PERFECT, PERFECT!  And therein lies the horror of the situation, and thus it all comes full circle:  the horror writer who strikes fear in her readers has been struck with fear by writing a blog…oh, the circle of darkness…!


Okay, I’m kidding, of course.  Really, I’m just going to roll with it and see what happens. Little bit every day or so, and go from there, because the fact of the matter is: I’m Elizabeth, and I’m blog-challenged.





One thought on “Blog-Challenged…or The Circle of Darkness

  1. Really? Blog Challenged? I thought that myself once upon a time. I got used to it though, and I think you will as well. And if you’re thinking that I knew what to do on WordPress like I was born with a “blog” gene or something, that’s nothing short of ridiculous! I hated WP when I started, and there are times when I still think it leaves a lot to be desired. But I blog because I am paving the way for the social networking needed to launch my future writing career, such as it will be.

    Oh yeah (tapping your shoulder). You’ve got a follower now 😉

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