25 Random Things

Okay, in an earlier attempt to be clever, I thought I would do a “25 Random Things” list about myself in place of a traditional bio.  Later, when I was out marketing my book, and people were asking me about my website, it occurred to me that that might not be the best idea.  I need a place to promote myself seriously–I’ll readily admit–and the “About” page should serve that function (See! I’m learning!)  However, I did have a good time writing my 25 Random Things and I didn’t want to lose it, so I’m cutting and pasting it here, if not for your amusement, then my own.

1.  Je parle francais.

2.  Hablo un poco de espanol tambien.

3.  Numbers One and two are missing various accent marks here and there, because I don’t know how to put them in with this program.

4.  Number three shows that I am a perfectionist…albeit a lazy one, at times.

5. Getting older is distressing to me.

6.  I am starting to get envious of the young.

7.  Oh! Ich weiss enigen Worten in Deutsch.

8.   I love languages…and English reigns supreme.

9.  If I had two dogs, I would name one Clark and the other Lex and let them battle it out.

10.  I was very upset when they canceled the show “Chuck”.  Loved it.

11.  I do love me some Bababooey.  Those who know, know.

12.  Actually, Robin is my favorite person on the show, mainly because she is so wonderfully articulate.

13.  My favorite snack is breadless  PB&J.  All I need is a spoon.

14.  Every once in a while, in my profession, you meet some really great kids, and you’re proud to have known them and to have been a part of their lives…if only for a moment.

15.  I love  __ o__d    ___ ___ m ___ s.

16.  Haitian bread is probably the single greatest bread ON THE PLANET.

17.  I traveled to Japan once and spent two weeks there.  It was an amazing trip, but I’ll never go back.

18.  I post this in honor of my son:  “What do you call a cow with no legs?”  (See 23 for answer).

19.  All you need to know is:  1994.

20.  I’m partial to Sting and Prince.  Strange combination, but I like it.

21.  There’s nothing like a hot car on a cold day.

22.  I’m really looking forward to writing #23.

23.  “Ground beef.”

24.  Sometimes, I sneak.

25.  Sometimes, I’m just pretty blatant.


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