My Statue of Liberty, Part I

This is the first of two poems that I wrote in response to an image shared with me.  Visit my blog post “Truth, Lie, Liberty, and The Two Ladies” for more.


My statue of liberty

Ain’t no lady in green

Sitting in a harbor

Offerin’ false promise;

Not when I’m here

Chained and shackled

And an old man’s whip

Is slashing my back


My statue of  liberty

Don’t make false requests

Like calling for “wretched souls

yearnin’ to breathe free”;

Not when I’m here

In the old man’s field

Choking on air

That stinks of bondage


My statue of  liberty

Wouldn’t hold

No light of freedom

That I can’t see

That don’t lead me;

Not when I’m here

Runnin’ in the dark

For my life

And that old man’s dog

Is hunting me


No sir

That ain’t my statue

And her words ain’t for me–

Not when I’m here

Swingin ’from that old man’s tree



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