“Crime is naught but misdirected energy.”   Emma Goldman 1869-1940



There’s a knock upon my door

Despite the lateness of the hour

From this sound I turn my ear

And step away a little further

From the stranger who awaits me

On the other side of the door—


I ponder his desire

But I do fear his intentions

So I leave the door unanswered

I wish for more modest conventions—

But the knock does come again

With a force a little harder—


I pose a question to the stranger

But an answer comes forth not

Just a greater sense of danger;

Fear begins to seize my heart—


And the knock becomes a pounding

A multitude of fists—

Door trembles, shakes and shudders

What is this curious twist?


To the man I ask a question

Who does beat down my door;

He seeks an entry to my home

To shatter my abode;

I shout a question of this man

(Or perhaps he is a beast?)

What it is his heart demands?

What it is he wants of me?


But no answer yet is given

And the pounding is a clamor

I feel a shudder in my heart

My speech begins to stammer—

I shriek a question to the creature:

Won’t you please sir leave me be?

I seek solace on this night,

I wish not for company


But the man who is a demon

As his intent from hell must come

Refuses my request,

My words to him are merely jest—


And the banging does continue

‘Til a crack shows in the door

‘Til the frame once strong is shattered

And I feel my breath no more—

Through my door which is now broken

Through the threshold he does step

I now stand in utter terror;

I’m loathe to hear his manifest—


A knife gleams in his hand

And he holds it up so high

It shines with menace from the light

And there’s evil in his eyes—


I beg for a response

To my question from before;

And as I scream a desperate prayer

For some help from this dark strife

He looks at me and does respond:


I’ve come to take your life.





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