The Wind is His Messenger

photo credit: june atkin studio


Wind howls at my window

And shrieks a little more

It rattles against the window pane

An ill and frightening score


Night cloaks its intentions

Darkness is its friend

It screams its way through the trees

I sense my time at end


The wind is his apprentice

It does as it is told

It whips a message through the air

And makes my blood run cold


The wind will do his bidding

And call out my name

It seeks for me this horrid night

It knows my guilt and shame


It’s building up a fury

It’s angry—don’t you see?

Its screech is strong  and high with might

It’s coming after me


So I dig a little deeper

‘Neath the blankets of my bed

I wish for some assistance

With this sense of fear and dread


‘Cause the wind is a suggestion

It hints at something more

The devil comes for me this night—

The wind blares his great horn.



5 thoughts on “The Wind is His Messenger

  1. Great write. Very powerful and evocative. The imagery and metaphors of the wind work really well to create an eerie scene for the reader. The messenger theme reverberates throughout the poem too. Flowed really well too … kept me riveted to the end. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hello! Thank you so much for taking a moment to read and comment! I’m glad you enjoyed it–I wrote this one really from my heart in that the wind “rattling against my window pane” absolutely unnerves me. Especially when my husband is not home to hold me tight! 😉 This is truly one of those things that terrifies me…and such, I thought it would be appropriate for Halloween…. :-O Thanks again for stopping by!

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