girl with red hair


“Go and get the girl.”

At the sight of her, the women shouted their cries and catcalls.

“She makes men fall to their feet!” cried one.

“She sings the songs of the wicked!” shrieked another.

“She does the black magic!” still another persisted.

“It’s true because she has the red hair of the devil’s wife!”  This from someone on the girl’s left.

“Yes, the devil’s wife!”  This echoed from someone on the girl’s right.

“His filthy bride—a red-haired demon she is!”

They dragged her to the chair and then flocked around.  The flames from the torches lurched and pitched, their crackling lights lengthening the shadows of the gathered into grotesque shapes. The oldest among them, Prudence, separated herself from the group.  “We are all in agreement then?”

The women nodded, and then kneeled.

“Our red-haired sister, we are at your service.”

Behind the drape of her long red hair, the girl looked up and smiled.


4 thoughts on “Coven

  1. Hi Elizabeth,

    I Stumbled my way here. I liked the way you crafted this piece with the twist at the end, but I want to ask you about one phrase: “His filthy bride”. That doesn’t seem to fit with what her followers might have said.

    1. Hello Ray–

      Thank you for “stumbling” and taking a moment to comment. It’s really appreciated! As for the “filthy” comment, I feel like these women really flock to things that are filthy or dirty. They are witches, servants of Satan–and in this case, his mistress–and in my mind, there is no room for “clean”. They want to be filthy, dirty, unclean…it suits their both their needs and who they are as witches.

      That’s my take anyway, and I’m sticking to it! 🙂

      Thanks again for stopping by and adding to the conversation! Hope to see more of you!

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