Elizabeth Michaud John

Elizabeth Michaud John is a first-generation Haitian-American living in Atlanta, GA.  She writes both poetry and fiction and dabbles frequently with different characters, genres, tones, and ideals, but her favorite writings typically have a dark slant to them.  Her recently published book, Darkness…in a Flash, is a her first collection of stories that are dark in theme and reflect her preference for writing in that genre.

As a woman of color, Ms. John’s approach to her writing is unique in that she broaches topics that are not usual fare for authors of her race.  The author is very often intrigued by the darkness that is apparent in the human psyche, and how that darkness lends itself to the ugly and sometimes even horrific side of human nature. Although the author will address stories that are supernatural in nature, she finds that more often than not, reality is sufficently terrifiying, and her writings reflect that.  As such, many of the stories deal with topics that transcend race, as fear and horror is common emotion that touches everyone.

Beyond writing, Ms. John is also a high school foreign language teacher.  The author has a high level of fluency in both French and Spanish, and has studied in some depth German, Japanese, and Portuguese.  She is married to Alwyn John, and together, they have three children.

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