And An Angel Will Lead Him Home

“A man’s homeland is wherever he prospers.”   Aristophanes



When once was lost a good man’s soul

And he did renounce the promised home

When darkness pushed the light away

He vowed he would no longer play

When rules and law mattered not—

He sought a new way home.


When once his conscious led him not

And the words he prayed were all for naught

When God did turn his back to him

His hands were covered in blood of kin

When guilt for him held no concern—

He sought a new way home.


When once the love this man did hold

Changed in tenor and in code

When he invited evil in

When he committed grievous sin

When he spilled the blood of a humble man—

He sought a new way home.


When once an angel of netherworld

Ventured forth and spoke a word

The angel made a promise true

Of a place of blackest hue

Where fires burned in name of sin—

He found a new way home.

Copyright 2012 © Elizabeth Michaud John.  All rights reserved.