The Devil’s Harlot


“Sin always wounds the sinner.”

Caryll Houselander

There is a whisper that they speak

Of one so lovely, of beauty deep

She who stands with skin so fair

Eyes aglow and silken hair

And so they whisper with much lust

Of soft caress and passion’s touch—

But men are men as men can be

And turn blind eye to what they see

Behind this mask of golden face

There hides a soul of spite and hate

Of venom pure, deceit so foul

Men! Beware of lover’s scowl

There is no goodness to be found

There is no virtue that abounds

The beauty inside is but a wish

The dream of men, a tasty dish—

Oh, men, oh men! Why know they not?

She lies in wait, she spins her plot

And with a savage cold hard hand

She strikes them down, she strikes down men

And sends them to her maker’s feast

Where he dines on tasty treats.



“In time and with water, everything changes.”  Leonardo da Vinci, 1452-1519


What you know of water

Is what we all know of water:

The cool liquid is salvation

On a hot day

When the sun shines too bright;

Or that the sound of it,

Crashing against the beachhead,

Is music for lovers

On the sand–


Yes, what you know of water

Is what we all know of water:

That when the cool liquid

Falls from the sky:

The silvery drops, the crystal drops…

When the treasured drops

From God’s own hand

Touch the ground,

They rejuvenate the earth

And enrich the land–


But what do I know of water?

I know that when the cool liquid

Pours over my hands—

My dirty hands

My stained hands

My evil hands—

It washes away the blood

It absolves me from my act

It liberates me from my guilt,

From my crime

And it frees me from my sin